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Traditionally speaking, venture capitalists make investment decisions using "rules of thumb". Scientifically speaking, this approach is called heuristics. Heuristics is when decisions are made based on limited information relying heavily on past experiences. Today, there's more data about startups than ever. In an industry driven by data and analytics, it only makes sense to have a rational approach in investing using data, models and stochastic theoriesThis analytical way of thinking is the basis for how we invest. Read more here...


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The Fund

Our funds are formed based on a three tenets: bias-free selection, calculated deployment, and avoiding early mistakes. 

1. Cognitive biases are toxic when it comes to making investment decisions. That's why we evaluate startups for their merits in terms of technology and business. 

2. Instead of deploying capital arbitrarily from deal to deal as it's been done traditionally, we perform complex stochastic calculations to determine check sizes, re-up levels and dry powder similar to the way it's done at legendary funds such as Pimco and Berkshire Hathaway. 

3. Avoiding early mistakes is key in venture capital. Most managers deploy capital too quickly in the beginning that leaves very little room for mistakes later. This is why the term "chasing homeruns" or "seeking unicorns" are commonly heard in discussions regarding fund returns. To avoid early mistakes, we've built bias-free multi-factor selection models such as the one we used to evaluate Y-Combinator's Summer 2014 graduating class.

Here are some great reads on rational decision making:

A new breed of fund managers

We believe that hierarchical structures commonly deployed by traditional venture capital firms do not replace the dedication of the legendary founders that created the outstanding returns once enjoyed in the VC industry. We therefore aim to keep our team small, nimble, flat and well connected to the ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

Matt Oguz

Founding PARTNER

Entrepreneur & Investor. Designed big data analytics for Coca Cola, GE, Citicorp, Fortis and over 20 Fortune 500 companies

GSU (MBA), Bogazici University (BS CE), Oxford (English)

National Physics Scholar


Victoria Cheng


MBA with honors, Columbia Business School, magna cum laude from Georgetown University (BS).  

HIG Capital, New York City Seed Fund, Investor Growth Capital, Foundation Capital, and Core Innovation Capital

Kauffman Fellow

Selahattin Onen


Entrepreneur, investor, corporate leader. CEO at G101, ASYA Fruit Juice & AGE Co. 

University of Denver - BSEE
Stanford University - Business School, Exec Program for Growing Companies



Whitney Rowe


UNC Chapel Hill MBA, George Washington University BA in History

HATTERAS FUNDS Raleigh, NC Associate, Private Investments. Managed two venture capital direct investment funds which co-invested alongside top tier VCs and provided support for two global private equity fund of funds totaling over $1.5 billion in assets

Kauffman Finalist 


We don't believe in the term "hot deals" but we believe in dedicated, smart, and hard working entrepreneurs who build "hot" companies. We'd much rather share the results of our analyses with peer VC firms and look for synergies than to elbow them out of deals. 

We guide our portfolio companies not with qualitative narratives but with solid concepts that apply to their businesses, such as traffic, traction and growth (read more about TTG).

Whim is a mobile app that curates and coordinates first dates, on demand. Their solution eliminates the extensive search, targeting, messaging, and planning required by existing dating platforms.

Appetas’ restaurant marketing platform gets restaurants online instantly and empowers to easily market themselves.

Update: Acquired by Google.

Safe-Guard offers a variety of products and programs for you to choose from that will best suit your individual vehicle protection needs.
Update: Acquired by Goldman Sachs
Zipmark Picture Zipmark enables businesses to send and receive 100% digital checks without risk, at a reasonable and transparent cost.
Olapic Picture Olapic is a technology platform that helps publishers, agencies, and e-commerce sites integrate photos from Instagram, twitter and Facebook.
Visual Revenue Picture The Visual Revenue Platform is the only real-time analytics solution that is designed specifically to enhance the hand of editors in data driven newsrooms.

Updata: Acquired by Outbrain
Wipit Picture Wipit, Inc. is a mobile payments venture focused on serving the unbanked and underbanked consumer globally.

TIO Networks Picture TIO Networks Corporation (TSE-V: TNC), headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, designs, develops, processes and distributes financial products and services such as bill payment and other payment related products/services, through its financial services network.
Clinipace Worldwide, a clinical research organization (CRO), specializes in fully integrated clinical research services for biopharmaceutical and medical device firms.

KnowledgeTree helps companies discover and use the best collateral for any sales situation. Sales people get relevant content that resonates with prospects and customers. At the right time, right from and mobile devices.
Lineagen is a provider of diagnostic and healthcare services focused on complex diseases for which individuals' genetic profiles contribute strongly to their susceptibility. Lineagen is committed to improving outcomes for those affected by autism and other complex diseases.
Quantenna Communications, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, develops silicon for wireless high definition video home networking that delivers wireless bandwidth in North America.

Ooma offers a consumer electronics product that provides free, U.S. telephone calling and advanced telephony services utilizing a high-speed Internet connection and existing home phone. Ooma delivers outstanding HD call quality and the reliability of a traditional phone service at a fraction of the cost.
Luxtera, Inc. is the world leader in Silicon CMOS Photonics. It is the first company to overcome the complex technical obstacles involved with integrating high performance optics directly with silicon electronics on a mainstream CMOS chip, bringing direct “fiber to the chip” connectivity to market.
Aggregate Knowledge Picture 
Aggregate Knowledge (AK) is the only media intelligence company that offers advertisers and agencies an exact science to pinpoint where to reach highest performing customers in a single platform.