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We have a new approach to venture capital. Our investment model applies data science to venture capital. We select startups methodically, optimize capital allocation to portfolio companies and build risk-minimized portfolios.

We use mathematical models to select the startups in which we invest, thereby avoiding influence bias. We aim to generate superior returns, and our portfolio is selected on the basis of analytical diligence, not hype.​ So when our portfolio companies raise their next round, they are more likely to have achieved strong market validation.

We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

For inquiries, please send us an email. If you'd like to invest in our funds, visit this link​.​

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Team Appetas is joining Google. 

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Magic number: 15%.
Find out how the cost of capital for VC is calculated. If you're receiving less than 15% on your commitments, you may want to reconsider your VC portfolio.

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