Investing in tech companies at their early stages paves the way for unprecedented returns. 

To learn more about our fund offerings, please provide us with some information about yourself and your interests. Our investor relations team will review your application and may contact you for further information. If you are selected, you will receive access to our investor presentation and related fund materials. You will also have direct access to the general partners of the firm to answer any questions you may have about the fund(s) and/or our organization in general.

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They are both partnerships which pool capital from limited partners. The general partners manage the fund and are responsible for its investment decisions. An SPV is a single-company investment vehicle.

The investment team evaluates hundreds of tech startups every month and select the most favorable ones based on our proprietary selection model which helps avoid decision biases and removes the noise from the signals.

Once an investment is made, the team then monitors each startup carefully and provides them with capital, guidance and the tools they need to succeed. This guidance is usually analytical and in the field of pricing and revenue optimization.

If an exit event happens, such as an IPO, merger or an acquisition, the exit proceeds come back into the vehicle and get distributed back to the limited partners on par with their contribution percentages.

The general partners receive a portion of the profits after the capital is returned to the limited partners. This percentage is generally between 10% to 20%. There are no management fees

The limited partners are provided with much more detailed documentation to be reviewed before they join the vehicles. The vehicles is only open to "accredited investors." (See below)

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