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QUantitative insights into venture and angel investing

Our research indicates that companies whose cofounders share a strong background in design are 12% more likely to succeed vs companies with a low design focus. Every attribute of a startup contributes to its eventual success. Get the current trends in today's top tech startups.



Unicorns are private companies valued at over $1B. We currently track over 140 unicorns such as Uber, Lyft, AirBnB and more. They are very important because they set a strong benchmark for all other companies. Discover key statistics about unicorns and unicorn contenders such as their median revenue, cash, and profit levels.



Get direct access into daily, weekly and monthly deal data. We track and monitor top deals from Seed to Series A. Find out the name of the company, size of the round, participants and other key information that you won't find anywhere else.