Bitcoin, Etherium, Tokens, ICOs. These are categorized as "digital assets" and investing in digital assets is no different than investing in any other asset in that one must evaluate the opportunity for its economic merits, not hype or biases. Investing in digital assets is a natural expansion of our expertise in highly complex asset classes having built an industry leading quant venture capital platform over the last 5 years.

Our quant venture investment platform now includes digital assets such as tokens and cryptocurrencies.  Why does blockchain matter to venture capital? Our own Matt Oguz discusses the new asset class. Read more here.



An ICO is an initial coin offering event in which a company makes its own cryptocurrency available to the rest of the world.


An ICO presale is usually an invitation-only event where influential investors are invited to purchase the coins at a 30% to 50% discount before they are made available to the general public.



When an idea is proposed to launch its own blockchained ecosystem, its economic future will be driven by how the underlying cryptoeconomic parameters are defined inside that very business. We spend considerable amount of time to understand token mechanisms and their impact on economic attributes of the blockchained businesses. At the end, whether blockchained or not, economics and finance work the same exact way and that's what ultimately determines the value of any business. 



The legal and regulatory landscape on digital assets is evolving rapidly. That's why we work with some of the top legal teams around the world and spend considerable amount of time in assessing legal and regulatory risks around investing in tokens and cryptocurrencies. While the ICO world seems to make investing easy for anyone, without understanding the legal risks, the entire investment could be in jeopardy, especially when regulators around the world are taking abrupt and radical steps every day. 



Investing in digital assets requires that you understand the digital risks inherent to that particular asset. Unlike traditional investments protected by governments and banks, digital assets are unprotected unless the investors knows how to evaluate its risks and take the appropriate measures to ensure ownership of the asset. Our team of experts constantly audit such security risks in existing portfolio holdings as well as in new opportunities.



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