Flexible funds that create TRUE lp-gp alignment


Typical venture fund structures go back to over 30 years ago and aren't built to cater to the needs of the institutional investor today. From size to term to fee structures, they often fail to create goal congruence between the LP and the GP. A custom fund on the other hand, enables the GP to invest based on their own preferences. Coupled with our proprietary selection models and access to highly coveted deals, custom funds are an excellent addition to the modern institutional portfolio.

Access is paramount in venture capital. Located in San Francisco, having invested in multiple stage tech companies since 2014, and multiple exits spanning Appetas to Lyft (planned IPO in 2019), we have unparalleled deal flow into some of the most highly coveted companies in Silicon Valley.

We are known as as a frontier in quant-driven venture research. Our models address key investment decisions from selection to portfolio formation aimed to avoid biases and maximize returns.

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