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Peeple is a smart camera that attaches to existing peepholes and easily connects to home Wi-Fi to identify, inform, screen, and alert people to any outside presence. It is a wifi enabled camera that attaches to the indoor side of your peephole, takes pictures of people when they come to your door and sends them to your smartphone wherever you are. Our camera connects directly to home Wi-Fi to identify, inform, and alert people of any outside presence at your door.


Company Location: Austin, TX
Contact: (CEO)
Program: Highway One, a PCH Company
Market: IOT, Home Technology, Automation
Mobility: The device streams images from your front door to your smartphone.
Growth: The company has over 5,000 preorders and a distribution contract with John Lewis stores of England

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Status: Accepting Investments
Raising: $350,000
Raised so far: $130,000
We've invested: $75,000
Minimum Investment: $10,000
Instrument: Raising as Convertible Note
Cap: $3,000,000
Discount: 20%
Total Carry: 20%
$130,000 raised out of $350,000


Peeple won innovation award at SXSW 2016. Read more here...

Risk Factors

There are many competitors in the IOT and home automation space large and small. The company makes both hardware and software which are capital intensive and requires strong financials. Sales and marketing in the space company is operating is competitive.

Read more on investing guidelines and risks.

Terms and Conditions

Investments in Peeple will be made through a fund created and managed by Venture/Science. The fund will pool the syndicates' capital to purchase securities in Whirl. 

Venture/Science will receive a 20% carry for advising the fund regarding this investment. There are no management fees.

We reserve the right to reject any investor in the syndicate or the fund. The investment opportunity is available to qualified accredited investors only.