The Winner's Startup Pitch Bible


The Winner's Startup Pitch Bible

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This 10 page template is the tried and true deck which has all the components investors are looking for today in startups. We've seen, evaluated and invested in hundreds of startups. Sifting through what worked and what did not, our team has put together an excellent template that you can use in your own pitch.

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  • Learn about the 9 critical pages that investors look for
  • Quickly populate the template with details of your startup such as problem, solution, markets, margins, team and more.
  • BONUS: Includes a database of active investors

Don't send investors a pitch deck that doesn't cover the 9 key subjects they are looking for in every startup.

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Customer Reviews:

"This guide saved us so much time. We would have never seen our mistakes had it not been for the points included in each slide." - Tom R. ,CA

"It took us hours to build a deck but flunked so many pitches. This showed us what we've missed." - Sriram P., NY

"Product, markets, team. This guide has it all." - Susan R., CA

"We went back to some of the original investors who declined after we used this template. The results were extraordinary." - Brent M., WA