Introducing Venture Science ACCELERATOR SELECT Fund I

When we first invested in Appetas, we didn't know that it'd be acquired by Google in only 18 months. Working with a top accelerator was instrumental in that success. Since then, we attended lots of hackathons and demo days and reviewed hundreds of startups. 

So we decided to build an investment vehicle to filter through companies incubated at top accelerators and pick the best of the best.

Status: Accepting Investments
Target: $5,000,000
Minimum Investment: $50k (individuals)
$250k (institutions)
Management Fees: None.
Total Carry: 20%

Investing in startups is complex and can be quite confusing at fast paced demo days. Our scientific selection approach sifts through all the noise and identifies risk levels for all the startups we see. 

Venture Science Accelerator Select Fund I, LP


Venture Science Accelerator Select Fund I, LP (the “Fund”) will be organized as a Delaware limited partnership.  Venture Science GP, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, will be the general partner of the Fund (the “General Partner”).  Palo Alto Venture Science, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Management Company”), will provide certain administrative and support services to the Fund. Techstars is registered trademark of Techstars Central, LLC .


The general purpose of the Fund is to make venture capital investments in the securities of private companies


10 years from the due date of the initial capital call of the Fund (the “Activation Date”), subject to two one-year extensions at the General Partner’s discretion


4 years from the Activation Date




Each Partner shall make contributions of capital as requested by the General Partner upon ten (10) days’ prior written notice.  No Partner will be required to contribute any capital following the termination of the Investment Period except to the extent necessary for (i) operational purposes, including payment of management fees, (ii) completion of transactions in process on such date, (iii) funding follow-on investments in existing portfolio companies, and (iv) fulfillment of indemnification obligations to the Fund.




20% of net profits on the overall committed capital


The Fund will furnish (i) unaudited financial statements to the Limited Partners annually, (ii) quarterly summaries of investments, and (iii) annual tax information necessary for each Partner’s U.S. tax returns